First Update: Changes to format, and volunteers wanted.

My pilot review was just released, and I can safely say that I put more work into it than any of the essays I wrote during my first year of university. (Which is to say, far too much work.) The “pilot” mainly serves the purpose of seeing what does work and what doesn’t work in context of everything from formatting to writing style. First of all, I’ve learned that the concept of doing a track by track breakdown becomes tedious, and that I can get across approximately the same exact message without scrolling through every fraction of a second of a body of work. So, from here on out, all reviews will be written in a more traditional manner. (General essay format.) It will save time for the writer(s), it will save time for the readers, and it will probably be a much more interesting lead. Any other suggestions on how to improve the reviews, whether it be in context to writing style, formatting, scheduling, or whatever, please place the suggestion in the comment section of this post.

I’m looking for writers who want to contribute to this blog, as well as mixtapes for review. If you are interested in having your work reviewed, please send your mixtape to the following e-mail, and if you are interested in being a co-contributor to this blog, please send  an e-mail with some of your sample writing to the same address. This is the address:

I would prefer if the sample writing is based around Rap music analysis, but if that’s unavailable I’ll be willing to take sample writing about any given subject matter. And if there is a specific sub-genre that you believe you have a more in-depth understanding of than most people, it might help make my choices easier if you tell me what it is.

So anyone interested, please get back to me.

-Mathieu N. Frasier


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