Contact Headquarters

For those who wish to submit a mixtape for review, or apply to be a featured writer on our blog, (which it seems I am always in need of) or if you just have general questions about our work, contact the headquarters (I.E. Mathieu’s appartment) by using this e-mail address:

If you are applying for a writing spot, be sure to include sample work, and keep in mind I expect a review of at least one thousand words once a month. (And I’m planning on putting due dates on reviews so that we have one review a week, but I’m terrible at management.)

If you are submitting a review, keep in mind I only have two writers working for me at the moment, and we all have our own very real lives to attend to. It will probably take months before we get to you, but I know I am trying hard (albeit not hard enough) to get out, at least, my own review once a month as scheduled. I’m sure my writers are working very hard as well, and if they’re not I’ll find out and write the review myself.

I think I diverted from the original content of this page.


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